What I’ve been working on — 8.29.18

With my birthday coming up in a few days, I’ve decided to pose a challenge to myself. I want to finish at least one new painting a week, and I want to learn something new.

Unfortunately, I chose video editing for that “something.”

I say “unfortunately” because it’s been a staggeringly frustrating process — even if this weren’t fairly esoteric to me, I absolutely hate seeing or hearing myself on camera. Even though I’ve mostly been working on time-lapse painting videos, it’s enough to make me self-conscious.

Still, a big part of my introspective work is letting go of that self-consciousness. It isn’t going to help me in the long run, especially not in a world where embarrassing yourself is equally, if not more, profitable than otherwise. The worst that can happen is that nobody likes what I make, and sinceΒ IΒ barely like what I make it means we’ll all be in good company.

In the meanwhile, may I present this compilation video of my cat giving hugs in his sleep.